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Things that have been said before
time for a post 
5th-Sep-2008 12:06 pm
Hmmmm..... I suppose it's been a while again.

New Zealand departure is in less than a month now. Which is probably why
I've been finding US politics less important to write about!

I'm sure there are things that have been happening that are worth writing
about, but I can't really think of any right now.
Work is frantic as I'm trying to finish up a month + worth of work in the
next 2 weeks, but then that's kinda hardly unusual.

I'm trying to figure out my packing requirements for 2 years of back packing
as well... not somethign I've done before, so thus far I'm taking the "Lay
out all your things, then get rid of half of it and take twice as much
money" maxim with the assumption that I don't actually know what I'm going
to want/need and NZ should actually have perfectly appropriate gear if

Disturbingly, right now the result is that I'll be taking about a weeks
worth of clothing and a rather disproportionate amount of electronics.

But it is getting rather exciting. as long as I don't think about how much I
need to resolve before I leave. :) Story of my life.

Back to "resolving" that work stuff...
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