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Further Reposts
Things that have been said before
3rd-Mar-2008 06:25 pm
Rather unexpectedly... a slight diversion from my (recently) typical
election related news commentary.

I feel as if the only things that I've read today have been about rising
comodity prices (most particularly: food).

I've had 2 articles from the Financial Times open in my browser since last
week. The first is a guide page to their significant selection of actual
articles and content about rising food prices <http://ft.com/foodprices>,
while the second page that I've had open is the associated multimedia
Both of which I'm really interested in reading/viewing but which I've not
taken the time to yet. Of course I'm sure that having that open has coloured
my perception of the days content.

Then over lunch I was reading the WSJ and they also also had a front page
article about resource shortages. This time instead of food it was

I think there was another article somewhere... it might have this one about
the potential of a commodities
the economist.

Anyway I don't really have anything to offer about these except that it
paints a bit of a bleak future if news coverage is an accurate indicator of
future trends.
Or present trends for that matter.
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